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DLC Technology Introduction

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“DLC is an abbreviation of the word “DIAMOND-LIKE CARBON”, a substance composed of carbon elements, similar in nature to diamond, and having the structure of graphite atoms. Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) is an amorphous film that has attracted the attention of the tribological community because of its high hardness, high modulus of elasticity, low friction factor, wear resistance, and good vacuum tribological properties, making it suitable as a wear-resistant coating. At present, there are many methods to prepare DLC thin films, such as vacuum evaporation, sputtering, plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition, ion implantation, etc.

DLC hard film machine for a wide range of applications

Nowadays, DLC hard coating machine is more and more widely used. The DLC coating prepared by DLC coating vacuum coating machine has the characteristics of stable quality, good bonding with substrate, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good corrosion resistance, etc.

DLC coater is used in engine parts, non-ferrous metal cutting tools, stamping dies, sliding seals, molds for semiconductor industry, etc.

DLC coating technology is a highly functional surface coating treatment technology that is used in applications with special requirements for friction and wear due to its excellent high hardness, low friction factor and self-lubricating properties. Its application in the mold edge parts and forming parts can effectively improve the performance of the mold itself, enhance the quality of the product, significantly increase the service life of the mold, reduce the maintenance time, thus improving the production efficiency and reducing the unit production cost. With the continuous improvement of product quality requirements and strict control of product unit cost, DLC surface coating technology will be more and more widely used in the mold industry.

Hollow cathode coating equipment
1. Fast deposition rate, high glossy film layer of evaporation coating
2, high dissociation rate, good film adhesion
3, the effective coating area ¢ 650X1100, can accommodate 750 X 1250X600 very large die and gear manufacturers with very long broach, with a very large volume
Application in the coating of tools, molds, large mirror molds, plastic molds, hobbing knives and other products.
Diamond-like coating equipment is used in applications such as surface coating for molds, automotive, medical, textile, sewing equipment, oil-free lubrication and wear-resistant spare parts.

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