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Properties and applications of diamond films chapter 2

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Electrical properties and applications of diamond films
Diamond also has a forbidden bandwidth, high carrier mobility, good thermal conductivity, high saturation electron drift rate, small dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage and electron hole mobility, etc. Its breakdown voltage is two orders of magnitude higher than that of Si and GaAs, and its electron and hole mobility is a lot more quotient than that of monocrystalline silicon CA:. Diamond film can be used as broadband understanding semiconductor material. At present has successfully researched side out of diamond have silicon (effect product body camp and logic circuit, these devices can in 600 ℃ below normal work, in high temperature semiconductor device has big application prospect. Because of the wide band gap of diamond, it can be used for blue light emission, ultraviolet light detection, and low leakage devices.

Optical Properties and Applications of Diamond Thin Films
Diamond has excellent optical properties, in addition to the existence of small absorption peaks (caused by phonon vibration) in 3~5μm, from the outer (225nm) to the far infrared (25μm) the entire range of bands, diamond has a high transmittance, is an ideal window material for high-power infrared lasers and detectors. Diamond in the infrared band of optical transparency, making it become the production of high-density, corrosion-resistant front loaded by the external optical window said the ideal material, can be used for missile interception of the infrared window said. In addition, diamond’s refractive index is high, can be used as the sun’s battery reduction reflection film. Radar wave penetration diamond film is not easy to distort, use this characteristic can be used as a radome, fly and missiles in supersonic flight, the head cone radar can not withstand high temperature, and difficult to withstand high-speed raindrops and dust trespass, with. Diamond made into radome, not only fast heat dissipation, wear resistance is good, but also can solve the radome in high-speed flight to withstand high temperature fusion problem.
Other applications of diamond film
Diamond film has high Young’s modulus and elastic modulus, which facilitates high-frequency acoustic wave transmission with high fidelity, and is a new type of material for making highly sensitive surface acoustic wave filters. Diamond has a high modulus of elasticity and high sound propagation speed, and can be used as a high-fidelity loudspeaker for high-grade audio.
Diamond has high modulus of elasticity and high speed of sound propagation, so it can be used as vibration membrane material for high-fidelity loudspeaker of high-grade audio.
In addition, diamond has good chemical stability and is resistant to corrosion by non-oxidizing acids at various temperatures. Its main component, carbon, is a non-toxic, non-polluting material that does not react with the human body. Because diamond does not react with human blood and other tissue fluids, diamond is also an ideal medical bio-implant material, which can be used to make artificial heart valves.

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