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Vacuum Ion Coating Technology Introduction

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1.The principle of vacuum ion coating technology
Using vacuum arc discharge technology in a vacuum chamber, arc light is generated on the surface of the cathode material, causing atoms and ions to form on the cathode material. Under the action of electric field, the atom and ion beams bombard the surface of the workpiece as the anode at high speed. At the same time, a reaction gas is introduced into the vacuum chamber, and a coating layer with excellent properties is formed on the surface of the workpiece.
2.Characteristics of vacuum ion coating
(1)Good adhesion of the coating layer, the film layer is not easy to fall off.
(2)Good wrap around coating and improved surface coverage.
(3) Good quality of coating layer.
(4) High deposition rate and fast film formation.
(5)Wide range of suitable substrate materials and film materials for coating

Large-scale multi-arc magnetron anti-fingerprint integrated coating equipment

Anti-fingerprint magnetron sputtering coating machine adopts a combination of medium frequency magnetron sputtering, multi-arc ion and AF technology, which is widely used in hardware industry, tableware hardware, titanium stainless steel plate, stainless steel sink and large stainless steel plate processing. It has good adhesion, repeatability, density and uniformity of the film layer, high output and high product yield

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