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Roll to roll magnetron optical film coating equipment

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    Magnetron winding coating equipment is to use magnetron sputtering method to change the coating material into gaseous or ionic state in the vacuum environment, and then deposit it on the work-piece to form a dense film. So as to improve the surface state or obtain a certain special performance of the functional or decorative film.
    The equipment adopts magnetron sputtering system and precision winding control system, and is equipped with servo motor drive control system to realize constant tension and constant speed control.

    1. Equipped with automatic film flattening system, the film is not wrinkled, and the winding quality is high.
    2. The closed-loop control system is added to improve the deposition rate. The multilayer dielectric film can be continuously coated on the PET coil with a width of 1100mm, with good repeatability and stable process.
    3. The winding system and the target can be pulled out from both ends respectively to facilitate the loading and unloading of the membrane roll and the replacement of the maintenance target.

    The equipment has a high degree of automation, automatically monitors the working state of the equipment, and has the functions of fault alarm and automatic protection. The equipment operation is low in difficulty.
    The equipment can deposit Nb2O5, TiO2, SiO2 and other oxides, Cu, Al, Cr, Ti and other simple metals, which are mainly used for depositing multi-layer optical color films and simple metal films. The equipment is suitable for PET film, conductive cloth and other flexible film materials, and is widely used in mobile phone decorative film, packaging film, EMI electromagnetic shielding film, ITO transparent film and other products.

    Optional models Equipment size ( width )
    RCX1100 1100(mm)
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